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Shanti Rade August 22, 2020 505
Bulk bags of squash and cucumbers available at the Farmer’s Market.

Big Idea


  • Lots of cucumbers (plus bulk bags of squash and cucumbers)
  • Loads of zinnias, and a zinnia sale
  • Prescott Farmer’s Market will move locations in 2 weeks


In the middle of the beautiful rain storm - thoughts of wildfires raging across the West also remind us of those that are working so hard.

First things first. It rained. IT RAINED! We had the most beautiful rain storm yesterday afternoon/evening. All week, storms kept rolling by, but still no rain. We haven't seen rain for months. It was glorious. But I can't help thinking of all the wildfires raging across the West, especially in California. I have been seeing many photos of farm workers out in the fields in temperatures similar to ours (100+) masked up due to COVID and now working under extremely smoky and hazardous air quality conditions. So, honestly, when I feel hot and grumpy harvesting in 105 degrees, I think of them. And I hope they can get those fires under control soon, watching the destruction to wild lands and farms and homes is really heartbreaking. Also thinking of all the firefighters and first responders working so hard.

What's new for the market this week. We have bulk bags of squash and cucumbers. Cucumbers make a great refreshing juice with a squeeze of lime, a little sweetener if you like, also a great base for a cocktail. And cucumber salad, the best! And I love how some of you buying large bags of squash last week mentioned you were just doing it to help us out. Well, we appreciate it! I hope you ate it up and are ready for more. We won't have any tomatoes this week. The greenhouse tomatoes just literally came to a halt. While the field tomatoes are looking fabulous, they just need a bit more time to ripen. We do have the first of the cherry tomatoes, okra is in and we have lots of shishito peppers. We have lettuce and spring mix this week - but expect a lull over the next few weeks until our next batch comes in. While we keep planting every week or every other week, sometimes it just doesn't survive in the extreme heat. And the plants bolt (start going to seed) so quickly in the hot weather, there is literally a few day window for good harvest. Just appreciate your lettuce, that's all I'm sayin'.

We have loads of zinnias (and a zinnia sale - 3 bunches for $20). We have the very first of the dahlias (just a few buckets), gladiolas, sunflowers, marigolds and tons of beautiful mixed bouquets plus the last of the lisianthus. You all have been cleaning us out of flowers lately and that makes me so happy! But we are trying to bring a lot more now that the late summer flowers are rolling in. We are also sending flowers up to the Flagstaff Community Market again this week. Find them at the Reyes Farm booth. And please thank Cristian and Maria for taking them up for us. I will have a longer update on why we aren't currently at the market in Flagstaff ourselves, but the short answer is - COVID. We miss you guys tremendously.

Last week I mentioned my favorite writer on fermented foods, Sandor Katz. And in perusing my book shelf, I came across another book I just love, 'Eating on the Wild Side'by Jo Robinson. It's kind of a field guide to finding and preparing the most nutritious food. It's based on hundreds of scientific studies and there is so much fascinating information in there. Here is an excerpt. I learned so much from this book. But, it's also been a while since I've read it, so I am ready to read it again.

In other big news, the Prescott Farmers Market is moving locations. Today and next week, we will be in the same location at Yavapai College. Starting in September, we will be moving to YRMC. The location is in their new parking lot (the former Miller Valley Elementary School) across the Iron Springs/Willow Creek intersection from the main hospital. This will likely we our new permanent home for the market, but we will have to see how things go. Thanks for helping to spread the word, so no one misses the market in the shuffle.

with love from your farmers,
Shanti & the Whipstone Crew

haven’t grown these for a few years, but feeling sort of ‘glad’ to have them back (especially that grey color)

Zinnia sale (and modeling by Coal)

Coyotes have ravaged the melons and I am not sure we will have any this year. But the peppers are looking awesome (just late)

Okra (yum) and salad mix. If only you all knew how hard this was to grow in summer.

really excited about this cover crop in the greenhouse

Wildfires in California



spring salad mix
kale - lacinato and curly
collard greens
cabbage - red and green
baby bok choy
beets - chioggia
carrots - orange and rainbow
summer squash - zucchini, yellow, patty pan/scallop
cucumbers - slicers, persians and picklers
cherry tomatoes
red potatoes
green beans
onions - yellow and red
Shishito and Padrón peppers
dill heads

Mixed bouquets


WHIPSTONE FARM STAND - Open daily at the farm, self serve, honor system directions HERE

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