Whipstone Farm: Hoarding Season Featured

Summer hours are ending, but the location stays the same.

Big Idea

  • Next week the Prescott Farmer’s Market hours will change to 10-1 for the winter season
  • At the Market today are pumpkins, marigold garlands, radicchio and tomatoes
  • A hard killing frost came with 19º temperatures
  • It’s a great time to plant garlic
  •

It’s the last week for Summer Market Hours

This week is the last week for summer market hours (Next week the market hours will change from 10-1, location stays the same). See you bright and early with lots of pumpkins, marigold garlands, radicchio and the last big load of tomatoes.

We finally had a hard killing frost this week (we got down to 19 degrees!). We worked like crazy to get everything harvested and packed away that we could before the deep cold. Many stacks of tomatoes, every last winter squash, marigold heads (because it's just too hard to let them go) and more flowers for drying. We like to call it the hoarding season. We double-covered a few of the peppers that have yet to ripen such as the ghost and habaneros, destined for hot sauce - we can only cross our fingers they will limp on a little longer. Some things still under ground will be protected for a big longer - like potatoes and sweet potatoes - but we will be getting those out as soon as we can. Now the last vestiges of summer are gone. And we are feeling quite fine with that. We are gearing up for winter and giving everything that needs it an extra layer of protection. We do have a LOT of canning tomatoes available this week. This will be your last chance to get them.

This is also a great time to plant garlic. If you are looking for seed garlic - the stuff we sell at market for eating is also great to plant. We have been growing this same variety for 15-ish years. We got it from a friend, who got it from a friend and it's been grown in the Chino Valley area for over 30 years (or maybe 40? Molly Beverly correct me if I'm wrong). It is a soft neck variety with the potential for very large bulb size, great flavor and exceptional storage capability. Garlic should be planted in the fall (like right now) and harested in early summer, it is easy to grow and very satisfying to provide yourself with a year's worth of garlic for all your cooking needs.

with love from your farmers,

Shanti & the Whipstone Crew




spring salad mix

head lettuce



kale - lacinato and curly

collard greens

daikon radish

watermelon radish

salad turnips

bok choy

rutabaga greens

carrots - orange and rainbow

winter squash: spaghetti, delicata, butternut, acorn

decorative pumpkins

tomatoes (and canning tomatoes)

potatoes - fingerlings and purples

onions - yellow and red



shishito and padrón peppers

green chiles : sugar, sahuaro, charger and ancho

hot chiles: serrano and jalapeño

last of the sweet peppers

Herbs: chives, mint, thyme, sage, cilantro, and dill




marigold garlands



PRESCOTT FARMERS MARKET (summer hours) - Saturdays 7:30-noon. YRMC Miller Valley Lot, 900 Iron Springs Rd.

FLAGSTAFF COMMUNITY MARKET - we are not currently attending this market in 2020, hope to be back next year.

FARM STAND - Open everyday sunup to sundown, self serve, honor system directions HERE

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Shanti Rade

Shanti Rade writes for Whipstone Farm, where they grow produce and flowers in Paulden, AZ. Whipstone Farm frequents nearby Farmers Markets in Prescott, Chino Valley and Flagstaff.


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