Whipstone Farm: Sunset Over the Green Bean Featured

Summer time at Whipstone Farm

Big Idea

  • Veggies, flowers, irrigation, weeds
  • Each crop has it’s own particular needs
  • The Prescott Farmer’s Market has been so supportive
  • Farmer’s Market is reopening in Flagstaff on Sunday

It's high summer.  Life is a blur of veggies and flowers and irrigation and weeds.  We finally got a little rain - enough to bring on the humidity at least, even if not a full drink for the thirsty plants.  We have actually been doing a great job of getting the fields nicely weeded the past few weeks, beds are being cleaned and prepared for fall crop planting and everything is getting pinched and trellised and caged and tied up and mulched and fertilized and sprayed (with organic contriols) for pests.   I wish we could just plant the seeds and call it good, but that's not how farming works. Each crop has its own particular needs and most things need a lot of care. 

We have a full load of goodness headed out to the Prescott Farmers Market this morning.  I can't tell you how grateful we are for all the support from our farmers market community - staff, customers, volunteers.  Everyone has been showing up and been so respectful of the need for sanitation and social distancing.  When I see the long lines at the register - long because everyone is being patient and giving each other lots of space - it really warms my heart,  So thanks y'all.

The market is reopening in Flagstaff this Sunday with a limited number of vendors and customers allowed at one time.  It will be at Flagstaff High School from 8-1.  We won't be there with our own booth, but you can find our flowers for sale at Los Reyes Farm.  I hope this system works and the market flourishes despite all the restrictions in place.  Everyone has worked really hard for this reopening to happen, so I hope you Flagstaff locals will come out and support the market.


market bouquets 

more market bouquets


fennel - thinly shaved slices, for me, are a favorite summer salad addition


high summer lettuce - what did we do to deserve this deliciousness?


little baby radish gems are back


tomato season - we have more and more each week 
we have the absolute best crop of scabiosa this year


feverfew has it all:  the look, smell, and nostalgia, you'll find it in our mixed bouquets this week with the most gorgeous oriental lilies


lisianthus, fav


basil tips and baby arugula
Sunset over the green beans, which should be ready very soon




spring salad mix
lettuce heads
swiss chard
kale - lacinato and curly
collard greens
cabbage - red and green
beets - red, chioggia, gold
carrots - orange bunched
summer squash - zucchini, yellow and scallop
eggs (limited!!)

Mixed bouquets
Mason Jar bouquets
Oriental lilies
Artichoke flowers



PRESCOTT FARMERS MARKET (summer hours)  - Saturdays 7:30-noon.   Yavapai College Parking Lot A  
FLAGSTAFF COMMUNITY MARKET - we are not currently attending this market while it is curbside only

FARM STAND - Open daily at the farm, self serve, honor system directions HERE


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Last modified on Monday, 10 August 2020 05:00
Shanti Rade

Shanti Rade writes for Whipstone Farm, where they grow produce and flowers in Paulden, AZ. Whipstone Farm frequents nearby Farmers Markets in Prescott, Chino Valley and Flagstaff.


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