Final (Unofficial) Election Results Are In! Featured

Final (Unofficial) Election Results Are In! Jennifer Burk from Unsplash

Who won in the primary and how to learn more about the victory candidates?

Big Idea

  • The unofficial ballot results have been posted
  • Yavapai County had the highest voter turnout with 51.77%
  • The General Election will be on Tuesday, November 8, 2022
  • Here are the final candidates and their websites
  • Read more…


One election down. One more to go. Time for homework.

The final results are in from the Primary Election, although they are not official until they have been canvassed by their Board of Supervisors, or their Town Councils.

83,675 out of 161,626 voters voted in Yavapai County, for a total of 51.77%. Yavapai County had the highest voter turnout in Arizona. You can see all the results here: https://results.arizona.vote/#/federal/32/0 (If you're looking for results specific to your county, there is a link in the upper left corner right above Secretary of State Hobbs' head.)

Here are the candidates that will be on the ballot November 8, 2022 for the General Election in the Prescott area in Yavapai County. We have included their names and websites so you can start to research them.


State Offices:



Kari Lake (REP)  https://www.karilake.com

Katie Hobbs (DEM)  https://www.katiehobbs.org


Secretary of State 

Mark Finchem (REP)  https://votefinchem.com

Adrian Fontes (DEM)  https://electfontes.com


Attorney General

Abraham “Abe” Hamadeh (REP)  https://www.abeforag.com

Kris Mayes (DEM)  https://krismayes.com


State Treasurer 

Kimberly Yee (REP)  https://kimberlyyee.com

Martin Quezada (DEM)  https://www.martinquezada.com


Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tom Horne (REP)  https://www.electtomhorne.com

Kathy Hoffman (DEM)  https://www.electkathyhoffman.com


State Mine Inspector

Paul Marsh (REP)  https://marshformining.com


Corporation Commissioner vote for 2

Kevin Thompson (REP)  https://thompsonforcorpcomm.com

Nicholas “Nick” Myers (REP)  https://nickmyers.us

Sandra Kennedy (DEM)  https://reelectkennedy.com

Lauren Kuby (DEM)  https://www.laurenkuby.com




State Senator (LD1)

Ken Bennett (REP)  https://www.kenbennettforsenate.com

Mike Fogel (DEM)  https://cleanslateazld1.com


State Representative (LD1) vote for 2

Quang Nguyen (REP)  https://quangforarizona.com

Selina Bliss (REP)  https://sites.google.com/view/SelinaSBliss-com

Cathy Ransom (DEM)  https://cleanslateazld1.com

Neil Sinclair (DEM)  https://cleanslateazld1.com




US Senator

Blake Masters (REP)  https://www.blakemasters.com

Mark Kelly (DEM)  https://markkelly.com

Marc J. Victor (LBT)  https://liveandletliverevolution.com/about-marc-j-victor/


US Representative in Congress - CD2

Eli Crane (REP)  https://eliforarizona.com

Tom O’Halleran (DEM)  https://www.tomohalleran.com


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