Gosar Introduces Americans not Aliens Act to Prohibit Work Permits for Illegal Aliens Under Removal Orders
Statement from Legislative Republicans on School Districts’ Refusal to Follow State Law
 “Let Your Voice Be Heard – Vote” Election Day – Tuesday, August 3, 2021   Big Idea Tuesday, August 3rd is Election Day This is the Primary for the City of…
It’s an election year. That means that rhetoric between candidates gets pretty sharp. 
Friday is the last day to request a mailed-in ballot Big Idea   You can still request that a ballot be mailed to you  You…
Imagine what Prescott would look like today had we not passed 443?
The President of the Citizens Tax Committee condemns radio ads against Phil Goode
Grant Quezada is a candidate for the Prescott City Council. 
Chris Kuknyo makes phone call and sends email offering apology for using the photo without permission or consent. 

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