Ebling Gallery Show Benefits Children's Art Programs Featured

Matt Santos, PIO Chino Chamber November 15, 2022 61
Ebling Gallery Show Benefits Children's Art Programs Art by Paul Ebling

Ebling Gallery Show to benefit children’s art programs

Big Idea

  • Paul Ebling is an artist, who worked with many mediums
  • He had a unique vision for his work to allow art lovers a Second Chance at a First Impression
  • He wanted his work to benefit the next generation of artists
  • The Chino Chamber and the Chino Lioness Club will partner with The ’Tis Art Center & Gallery for a showing and sale
  •


A Second Chance at a First Impression

CHINO VALLEY, AZ- Paul Ebling may not be an everyday name in the art world, but his unique vision for his work is now allowing art lovers to get a Second Chance at a First Impression now that he is gone. 

Originally from Pittsburg, PA, Ebling, who passed away in 2020, was a self-taught artist, working with many mediums including oils, metals, watercolors. He was also an accomplished sculpturer. 

Ebling traveled the world to visit many renowned galleries and museums to draw inspiration, with his own work displayed and commissioned in galleries throughout the country.

A very private man in his personal life, Ebling’s desire to promote his art rose above any financial profit he could have pursued. This “Art Above Profit” philosophy manifested itself in a very unique way when he passed.

After relocating to Ash Fork, AZ nearly 20 years ago, Ebling made known to a few very close friends what he wished to be done with his vast collection of artwork upon his passing.

“He was a very interesting man,” said close friend Robin Miller. “He wanted his work to benefit the next generation of artists, children especially. So, he asked us to choose some of his key pieces to donate and destroy the rest by fire. A few of us gathered after he passed and did as he requested.”

In line with Ebling’s wishes, the Chino Valley Area Chamber of Commerce and the Chino Valley Lioness Club will be partnering with The ‘Tis Art Center & Gallery of Prescott, AZ for a showing and sale of Ebling’s remaining work, all proceeds going to local children’s art programs.




The gallery show will be held at ‘Tis Art Center & Gallery, 105 S Cortez St., Prescott, AZ on January 2, 2023, through March 14, 2023, highlighting the “4th Friday Art Walk on January 27, 2023, and February 24, 2023, both dates 5pm-7 pm.

The title of the show, “Second Chance at a First Impression” demonstrates how the public now has the opportunity to see Ebling’s work for the first time. It is taken from local musician Don Cheek and his band The CheekTones, whose album of the same name was released in 2015.

Cheek and his band have graciously allowed the use of the CheekTones song to be used in promotional material for this showing.

Please call 928-636-2493 or visit www.chinovalley.org for more information, including submitting your group or organization for consideration in receiving proceeds.




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