Toddler & Dog Team Escape Artists Located, Brought Home Featured

What happens when 'Harry' leads his dog astray into the cold night air?

Big Idea

  • When a toddler decides to take an evening stroll, his dog comes along for the fun of it
  • An off-duty deputy volunteered to take the case to help busy on-duty deputies
  • The toddler climbed on top of a dog crate and unlocked three locks to open the door
  • Both dog and toddler were found safe and sound
  •

What's a dog to do when his young master wants to go for a walk?

Last evening at 5:45pm, YCSO deputies were called to Cedar Dr and Gold Creek in Cordes Lakes with a report of a child found outside alone. Not wanting to hold up a call of a missing toddler, one of our deputies who was off-duty and home, volunteered to take the case because on-duty deputies were all tied up. (How’s that for dedication to the job and serving the public?)

Budding Houdini protegee, 2-year-old “Harry”, was found wandering on Cedar Dr. by a local resident. Coincidentally, the YCSO deputy and Mayer Fire Department arrived at the same time as the toddler’s parents to the location. How did Harry’s parents know where to find him if was missing you ask? The answer – a cold doggie who presumably regretted getting into cahoots with his partner in crime.

According to the toddler’s parents, little Harry let himself out of the house by climbing on top of a dog crate, unlocked three locks on the door and then opened it. It is unclear if the dog assisted the escape by allowing his crate to be used for the nefarious purpose, however it is known that the dog escaped with the toddler.  

During the getaway, the family dog stayed with Harry, who is presumed to be the mastermind behind the escape, perhaps being lured by the possibility of finding the oft -dreamed-of-but-never-found Dog Treat Tree. With means and opportunity for the escape already determined, the motive is still unknown and under investigation.

Harry's frantic parents, once realizing he was gone, went out to search for him. Not far from their home the accomplice dog ran up to them and then ran off again, leading them to where Harry was found. Harry was in good health, a little cold, but wondering where his escape plan went wrong. After medical assessment, both Harry and “Fido” were sent home to the warm up.

The cooperation of Fido in getting the toddler to safety has led law enforcement to determine the dog was perhaps not an accomplice but an unwitting participant lured by treats, who later thought better of the caper. Authorities are still waiting for a dog whisperer to translate the canine’s side of the story. However, at this juncture we are inclined to think Fido is a hero rather than a criminal.

Deputies worked with the toddler’s parents by discussing additional options for securing their doors and were assured the dog would get a nice steak dinner. Little Harry has been enrolled in a junior CIA program for his lock-picking skills.  

(Disclaimer: Some details may have fallen victim to creative license, but we will let you decide which. (The CIA said we had to say this…)

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