Snake Oil & Home Remedies & Sharlot Hall Featured

Laurie Dellinger September 10, 2022 408

Snake Oil and Home Remedies at Living History Adventure, Sept. 10

Big Idea

  • Frontier healthcare is on display at the Museum’s Living History Adventure
  • For many, healthcare started in the garden
  • Can you resist a snake-oil salesman?
  • Make your own healthy tea blend
  •


What did they do for medicine on the frontier?

Prescott, AZ – This Saturday, September 10, guests at the Sharlot Hall Museum will be introduced to frontier healthcare at the Museum’s Living History Adventure.

For pioneers on the Arizona frontier, the nearest doctor was often miles away, and they had to make do with home medical solutions. How were common diseases and injuries treated on the wild Prescott frontier in 1870? For many settlers, healthcare started in the garden, with herbal remedies that could be made from scratch.

At Saturday’s program, guests will interact with Living History interpreters, test their sales resistance against a snake-oil salesman, and create and taste their own healthful herbal tea blend. September also means the apple harvest is coming in, and the cider press will be ready to crank—as the proverb says, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

The program will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Sharlot Hall Museum. Admission is $12 for adults and free for members and children 12-under. Mark your calendars for next month’s October 8 Living History Adventure, “Victorian Superstitions,” where visitors will get a dose of haunting 19th century traditions and a chance to go on a “ghost hunt” at the Museum.

Next weekend, September 17 & 18, the Prescott Indian Art Market will return to the Sharlot Hall Museum with artwork from over 100 Native American artists. Enjoy a weekend of art, music, demonstrations, cultural performances, and more at one of the top Indigenous art markets in the nation. Tickets can be pre-purchased online, and new memberships include admission to the Market.


More information on all programs and events can be found on the Museum’s website at www.sharlothallmuseum.org.


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The Sharlot Hall Museum, located two blocks west of Prescott’s Courthouse Plaza, is one of Arizona’s premier history museums. Its four-acre campus tells Arizona’s story through exhibits, gardens, and historic buildings, including the 1864 Territorial Governor’s Mansion. Events and programs include the annual Prescott Indian Art Market, Sharlot’s Cellar, monthly Living History Adventure days, and more.


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