A Big Thank You from Yavapai County Recorder, Voter Registration and Elections! Featured

Michelle M. Burchill, Yavapai County Recorder November 29, 2022 99

County Recorder Michelle Burchill thanks those involved in the 2022 General Election

Yavapai County Recorder, Michelle Burchill along with the Voter Registration and Elections Department would like to personally thank the Full-Time Staff, Seasonal Staff, Poll Workers, County Departments, Sheriff’s Department, County Attorneys, the local Political Parties, County Administration, and the BOS for their support.

Our Full-Time and Seasonal Staff worked countless hours, including many weekends, holidays, and late nights to ensure we were ready and prepared to provide our voters with every opportunity possible to vote.

We had over 300 Poll Workers who worked tirelessly on election day to provide the best voting experience possible with a record number of election day voters. We also had over 1,000 people sign up to be Poll Workers.

Several county departments including Facilities, Public Works, Fleet, ITS, and many individual county employees volunteered to assist us with deliveries, equipment, security protocols, call center and working the vote centers.

The Yavapai County Sheriff offered support throughout the county on election day and provided security all night at our tabulation facility until every employee finished their shift.

The County Administration and Board of Supervisors have continued to support us in approving additional staffing and supporting our effort to make renovations to increase transparency and allow additional observation of our processes.

Our County Attorneys have advised us throughout the election cycle on many complex situations and provided legal advice while navigating and implementing new election laws and obstacles.

Our local Political Party Leaders have assisted with contacting voters to cure ballots, providing valuable feedback from poll observers and conducting the hand count audits.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to all the Yavapai County Voters who have participated in the Primary and General Election. We have one of the highest voter participation rates in the state and have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and support in the last few months. We look forward to continuing to find ways to improve our processes and communicate with our voters to ensure trust in our community.

Please visit our FAQ's page for additional elections information at


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