PCAC to Formally Dissolve, City of Prescott to Operate Channel 64 Featured

Prescott Media Center to close shop this winter. The City of Prescott will continue some specified services.

Big Idea

  • Prescott Community Access Channel (PCAC) — aka Prescott Media Center — will formally dissolve their 501©3 organization by April 21, 2021
  • On July 28, PCAC informed the City of Prescott that they intend to turn over all broadcast and production equipment to the City, as well as operations of Channels 64 and 58
  • All programming, other than live city meetings on Channel 64 will end on September 1, 2020
  • Public Access broadcasting will no longer be available on Channel 58


The City of Prescott will accept the equipment and non-cash assets of the Prescott Media Center as PCAC formally dissolves.

The City of Prescott’s Study Session, starting at 1:30 PM Tuesday afternoon will start with a discussion regarding the amendments to the Agreement for the Prescott Community Access Channel and Prescott Media Center services. 

These aren’t just simple amendments, if agreed upon, Prescott Media Center will cease operations as a public access channel and most of the services will also cease, at least in the interim. 

When a non-profit corporation 501(c)3 such as PCAC dissolves, it is legally required to distribute its assets to one or more non-profit corporations or any local city, county, state or federal entity. Since PCAC has determined that dissolving the corporation is best, they approached the City of Prescott and agreed that PCAC would turn over all non-cash assets to Prescott.

Currently, the PMC is housed in the Grace M. Sparkes Activity Center on Gurley Street, which is owned by the City of Prescott. PMC is not required to pay rent or utilities but they are responsible for their own personnel and equipment expenses. 

Here’s the plan:  “Council is going to review an amendment between the City and the Prescott Media Center,” John Heiney, Communications Director explained. “That amendment is going to basically allow for a transition of the Public Access Channels 64 and 58 from the non-profit Prescott Media Center to the City of Prescott’s control.”

Heiney continued, “Prescott Media Center approached the City about this and is preparing to dissolve their non-profit in April 2021. They want to work with the City to have a smooth transition from the non-profit to City management of those assets.”

According to Heiney, these changes will mean a change in programming and services, although the production of live City Council and Board meetings will continue.

The Prescott City Council will formally vote on this matter during their 3 PM voting meeting.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 25 August 2020 06:21
Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Editor and Publisher of CopperState News. In her past life, she was the founder of a successful local news media publication in the Prescott area. She started CopperState News with the idea that local news deserves a statewide platform.

Besides prowling around for community news - especially good news! - Lynne and her husband Lewis enjoy their eight children and six grandchildren (although more are always welcome!). Lynne is connected non-stop to her camera and loves creating unique gifts with her Cricut!

One of her favorite sayings is, "It's not about me!"


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