YCSO Hires Young & Furry Recruit Featured


Big Idea

  • Loki is a one and a half year-old Malinois 
  • Loki will become a member of the PANT team
  • Loki is currently undergoing a 9 week training
  • Loki will be scouring the highways looking for illegal narcotics
  •

Loki will become a member of the PANT interdiction team

Loki, a one and half year old Malinois has successfully navigated the hiring process at YCSO passing a rigorous background check, intense vetting that overlooked his youth in favor of potential and is now in training to become a member of the illustrious PANT Task Force .

The young but furry guy will become a member of the PANT interdiction team in a few months. The interdiction team scours the highways looking for illegal narcotics making their way through the state. The new recruit believes he “aced his interview” and that is why he was chosen for the prestigious Task Force.

Loki, an immigrant from Germany by way of California, showed interest in becoming a drug sniffing specialist after being scouted by YCSO vets (long time deputies – not the doctors…) needing to fill a K9 position after a recent reassignment of another team member.

Loki touts his exceptional snout, his enthusiasm, and his opinion that he would look dapper in a sheriff’s uniform as reasons for wanting to join the agency.

“Just check out my cool goggles,” said Loki. “I make this look good,” he continued, possibly imitating the line from the Men in Black movies.

The YCSO Deputy who has been assigned to be Loki’s partner agreed that Loki will be an asset to the Task Force because of his athleticism and temperament but sees his interview skills slightly differently.

“During my first interaction with Loki, he bit me” said the Deputy. Loki writes this off as just ‘love at first bite’.

Loki is currently 3 weeks into his 9-week training, which includes learning to sniff out illegal drugs including fentanyl. After completion he will take his ‘exception snout’ to the PANT Task Force.

The YCSO Deputy has yet to inform Loki that being in PANT does not mean he will be getting a uniform.

“I plan to wear the pants in this partnership,” said the deputy.

“We will see about that,” said Loki.

Good luck to the new partners and good luck to drug smugglers because, with these two on the job – you don’t stand a chance.


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