Lois Fruhwirth Turns in Signatures for Council Election Featured

Signatures are starting to be turned in by the Council candidates

Big Idea

  • Lois Fruhwirth turned in 1500 signatures to be put on the ballot for Council 
  • Lois is running for one of the three 4-year seats up for elections
  • Lois is focused on protecting Prescott’s quality of life, improving city infrastructure, safety, and essential service
  • "...keeping people safe has to be the #1 priority of any government."
  •

Fruhwirth is ready to officially campaign

Community leader and one of Prescott’s most vocal cheerleaders, Lois Fruhwirth, filed more than 1,500 signatures to run for City Council today, qualifying her for a spot on the upcoming August ballot.

Lois is running for one of the three 4-year seats that are up for election.

“When we started, we wanted to collect 1,200 signatures by April 3rd. Thanks to everyone’s hard work and the enthusiasm people are showing, we’re filing early with more than 1,500 signatures.” said Fruhwirth when she filed her signatures with the City Clerk. “Obviously that’s a great start and I’m grateful to everyone who helped out.”

Fruhwirth is a former executive with Procter & Gamble who moved to Prescott with her husband Gary after they fell in love with its quality of life, history and people. “We actually bought land in Prescott a decade before we moved here because we knew this was where we wanted to be.” explained Gary Fruhwirth.

“A great leader I worked for often said, “You can live IN the community, you can live OFF the community, or you can live FOR the community”.  That’s why I’m running and why I’ll always work to ensure a vibrant future for our beloved Prescott.” said Fruhwirth. As an award-winning businesswoman and county leader, Lois brings extensive experience collaborating with others and proven skills in solving complex problems, to deliver results for the citizens of Prescott.

Among her top issues, Fruhwirth said that protecting Prescott’s quality of life, improving city infrastructure, safety, and essential services, as well as ensuring long-term water supplies, ranked at the top.  “Of course, public safety is top of mind because keeping people safe has to be the #1 priority of any government. Looking after our police and fire will always be a priority for me.”

Lois has already gained the support of several notable office holders, including former Prescott Mayor and current County Supervisor Harry Oberg, State Representative Quang Nguyen, and State Senator and former Secretary of State Ken Bennett.

Lois Fruhwirth has been involved in numerous causes and organizations in Prescott, including serving on the Prescott Library Board, graduating from the Prescott Citizens Academy, and serving as Chairman of the Yavapai County Republican Committee, where she led the GOP to record registration advantages, fundraising and growth.

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