Large Police Presence after Report of a Burglary in Progress Featured

Lt. Corey Kasun, Prescott PD March 30, 2023 122

Police arrived, but did not see anyone in the residence

Big Idea

  • Prescott Police received a report of a burglary in progress
  • The owner received an alert on her cell phone from a security camera
  • Tactical officers utilized advanced equipment to assist in the safe clearing of the residence
  • No persons were located inside
  •

This case is under investigation

On Thursday, March 30th, at approximately 9:00 A.M. Prescott Police Officers responded to the 1600 block of Lindley Drive upon the report of a Burglary in progress. 

According to the owner of the residence, who was not home at the time, she received an alert on her cell phone from a motion activated security camera which showed a hooded subject making entry inside her residence. 

Officer arrived quickly on scene and set up a perimeter on the residence. Announcements were made inside the residence with no response. Information received led investigators to be believe that there was a high potential for the suspect to still be inside the residence and may have access to firearms.

Tactical Officers responded to the scene and were able to utilize advanced equipment to assist in the safe clearing of the residence. No persons were located inside. 

Currently this case is still under investigation.

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