Creeped Out By Social Media Collecting Your Personal Data? Featured

Rory Burke, Representative Gosar's Office October 06, 2020 1536

Gosar, Gabbard, Kennedy Introduce Don’t Push My Buttons Act

Big Idea:

  • You should be able to choose whether or not your personal data is collected and shared
  • Online platforms should not be totally immune from liability
  • You should be able to protect yourself from unwanted manipulation online
  • This bill would give Americans more control over their privacy and online experience
  •

Do you ever feel like social media exploits you?

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Representatives Paul Gosar (AZ-4), Tulsi Gabbard (HI-2), and Senator John Kennedy (LA) introduced the Don't Push My Buttons Act. This bill reforms Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act by limiting immunity from liability for online platforms to curate content for users based on collected personal data preferences, unless users elect to receive the content.

Custom content curation options for users are not inherently bad, and the bill provides protections to platforms for content curation if the users choose it. The Don’t Push My Buttons Act limits immunity from liability for online platforms to collect personal data and curate corresponding content without consent from the user.

“Tech companies are making users the product. Big Tech is collecting user data and manipulating users, often unwittingly. Some may find content curation options convenient, but many users are creeped out and manipulated by data collection and content curation regarding personal habits, preferences, or beliefs. The Don’t Push My Buttons Act empowers users to choose, or decline, custom content curation based on collected personal data, empowering users to protect themselves from unwanted manipulation online,” said Rep. Paul Gosar.

“Anti-social media companies treat us like products, exploiting and dehumanizing us for their own profits, without regard for the consequences. They intentionally create and fuel conflict and hate, causing physical, spiritual and mental suffering and pain. They are tearing us apart and destroying our nation,” said Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. “Our legislation takes the power out of the hands of anti-social media corporations and puts it into the hands of the people who use their platforms. We, the people, get to decide whether to subject ourselves to their manipulative algorithms. Their failure to comply lifts all legal immunity they currently enjoy so we can hold them accountable and liable for the devastation and suffering they leave in their wake.”

“Social media has many virtues, but too often it divides people by feeding them polarizing information—without their awareness or consent. Platforms that incite conflict just to increase their ad revenue have a duty to inform users of that manipulation. My bill would give Americans more control over their privacy and online experience, and I applaud Congressman Gosar for introducing its companion in the House,” said Senator John Kennedy.

Text of H.R. 8515 Don't Push My Buttons Act can be found here.


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