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Senate & House Approve Bipartisan State Budget Featured

Press Releases & Public Statements June 23, 2022 105

Governor Ducey and the House release statements on the new budget just passed by the Legislature.

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Big Idea
  • The Arizona Legislature passed a budget early this morning at 4AM
  • Hailed as a bipartisan budget, spending is increased over last year
  • The budget will take effect next week, on July 1st
  • The budget includes new money for schools, plus funds for transportation and water projects 
  •

Governor Ducey Applauds Legislature on Passage of Targeted, Forward-Looking FY23 Budget

PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey applauded the Arizona Legislature on passing a targeted, fiscally conservative and forward-looking Fiscal Year 2023 budget.

“Over the last eight years, Arizona has made responsible decisions to live within our means, reduce burdensome government regulations and increase trust in our citizens — and the result is a booming economy with record revenues. With this budget, we’re putting those dollars to good use and investing in priorities that Republicans and Democrats alike can agree on. It’s no wonder this budget passed the Legislature with large bipartisan support. 

“The state’s budget makes strategic and fiscally responsible investments in areas that matter most to all Arizonans: education, border security, public safety, infrastructure, saving for our future, reducing taxes and paying down debt. For rural and urban Arizonans, families, young professionals and small business owners – this is a budget that delivers. 

“Taken together, these investments demonstrate an unwavering commitment to do what the people of Arizona expect us to do: address today’s needs and prepare our state for the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead. This budget will truly leave Arizona better than we found it.

“On behalf of all the residents of our great state, thank you to Senate President Karen Fann, House Speaker Rusty Bowers, Sen. David Gowan, Rep. Regina Cobb and all the lawmakers who worked late into the night to make this success possible.”



House Approves Bipartisan State Budget Funding Priorities Important for All Arizonans

Historic Agreement Invests in Safer Schools & Communities, Education, Protecting Water, Transportation Infrastructure & Debt Payoff 


STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – In the early hours on Thursday, the Arizona House of Representatives passed the FY 2023 State Budget funding the critical needs and priorities that are important for all Arizonans. House Speaker Rusty Bowers hailed the moment, noting it is the first budget in many years to receive strong bipartisan support.

“I am grateful that such a large majority of House members, Republicans and Democrats, have had enough wisdom and courage to work together to find answers to the major problems of our state,” said Speaker Bowers. “Reaching bipartisan agreement on taking care of the needs of the people of Arizona shouldn’t be a rare or historic event, as this was. My hope is that this inspire and foster a renewal of the cooperative spirit that our great state was built upon.”

Budget Highlights

  • $330 Million in Property Tax Relief

  • Over $1.25 Billion for State Debt & Pension Payoff

    • Ongoing Savings of nearly $120 Million

  • Over $1.1 Billion for Protecting Arizona’s Water and Natural Resources

  • Over $1 Billion for Transportation Infrastructure Projects

  • Over $560 Million in Border Security

  • Over $70 Million in School Safety

  • Over $1 Billion in new K-12 Education Investments

    • Over $800 Million in new ongoing K-12 education funding

    • $526 Million in new base level education funding 

    • Over $400 Million in new one-time education funding

  • $425 Million added to Arizona’s Rainy Day Fund


Russell “Rusty” Bowers is the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives and a Republican member serving Legislative District 25 in Mesa. Follow him on Twitter at @SpeakerBowers.

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