Smoke Impact From Crooks Fire Featured

Division Chief Scott Luedeman April 25, 2022 206

Crooks Fire Smoke PSA

Big Idea

  • The Crooks Fire has been burning for over a week
  • The smoke is moving into the Prescott basin today
  • Those with breathing issues should keep their windows closed, limit time outdoors, use your air conditioner
  • Various other resources are available
  •


Smoke is simply due to the Crooks Fire

The Prescott Regional Communications Center, Prescott Fire Department, and other local agencies have been receiving multiple calls concerning the smoke that is moving into the Prescott basin today. Since the start of the fire last week, the winds have been coming from the West and North minimizing the smoke impact to the greater Prescott Basin. Today 4-25-2022 and forecasted through the remainder of the week, the winds are expected to shift predominately out of the south. This will result in significant smoke impacting our area.

The Prescott Fire Department would like you to know that the fire is still burning in the same general location that it has been for the last week. At this time, we would like to assure you that because you see the smoke in our area, there is no reason to be alarmed.

For the residents with chronic breathing issues, we recommend keeping your windows closed, limiting your time outdoors, and use your air conditioner to help scrub the air in your house.

Below and attached are some resources that you can monitor for up-to-date information concerning the status of the Crooks fire, the smoke impacts, and evacuation statuses. 


Fire Information





Fire Evacuations

Prior to an emergency, the easiest way to be notified of evacuations in your area is to sign up for CodeRED emergency notification system. 





Forest and City Closures

Due to the fire, many areas in both the Prescott National Forest and City of Prescott are closed for access. 

To See Forest Closures


To See City Closures


We ask that citizens and visitors alike remain patient with emergency crews operating in and around Prescott. We also ask that you use the resources provided to see closures in the area. Currently there are closures for forest access out Senator Highway and Walker Road including both Lynx Lake and Goldwater Lake. Additionally, the City has closed Watson Lake for fire operations. The trails off the lake proper will remain open to the public. 




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