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Big Idea

  • Biden purges patriotic Officers
  • $82B of US Military equipment given to the Taliban
  • Racism at ASU: No tax money should be spent at any school that promotes, condones and accepts racism like this
  • No extension of the Debt Ceiling
  •


This Week’s News


Biden Continues Obama Purge of Patriotic Officers—Now Lt. Col. Scheller


Between 2010 and 2013 Obama engaged in a purge of good military officers, a total of 197.  officers who were loyal to the United States and its Constitution were fired or forced out. Biden is continuing that shameful legacy. What Obama, and now Biden want, are “woke” officers who believe that our military should have men in dresses, that our veterans are all “domestic terrorists” and racism against white people is good. The goofball Gen. Milley, who single handedly lost the Afghanistan War, left Americans behind to be held as hostages, and who incompetently bombed 10 civilians, including 7 children, exemplifies the Obama-Biden military leadership. Our troops on the frontline, indeed all Americans, deserve so much better.

The purge continues. Now they are after Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jr, a Marine who spoke out against the Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.  This hero spoke the truth in order to save lives in the future. Instead of calmly addressing and fixing the problems raised by Lt. Col. Scheller, he was relieved of his command and incarcerated this week for demanding that senior military officials be held accountable. I join Lt. Col. Scheller in demanding accountability:


$82 Billion in U.S. Military equipment given to the Taliban without a fight


Thousands of American citizens abandoned in Kabul and left to fend for themselves. Droning and killing an American ally and his family, including killing 7 children, and for weeks lying about it and Milley himself called it a “righteous killing.” 



Lt. Col. Scheller now faces confinement 

Lt. Col. Scheller now faces confinement until his hearing and stands accused of contempt toward officials, disobeying a superior officer, failing to obey lawful orders, and conduct unbecoming of an officer. It is clear that these charges are politically motivated and in retaliation to his criticism of military officials for their actions in connection with the withdrawal from Afghanistan.  These bogus charges are meant to silence anyone daring to criticize the deadly consequences stemming from the Afghanistan pullout.  Everyone knows Milley is incompetent, which is why he wants anyone fired who points this out.

I have the honor of serving on the Justice for Warriors Caucus which supports imprisoned service members who fought for our freedom and have been unfairly treated by the military justice system. Many of my constituents, and many more people across the country, have rightfully voiced support for Lt. Col. Scheller, who has an excellent record of 15 years of dedicated service in the Marines. Therefore, this week we sent a letter to the Marine Corps demanding that Lt. Col. Scheller be removed from pretrial confinement.


To read a copy of the letter click here.



Racism at ASU:  An Update


Last week the world watched in horror as two black students attacked two white students for no reason other then they were white. The black students told the white students to leave “their” building on campus and insulted them. The black students have been advocating for segregation, something that was ruled illegal in the 1950’s in the landmark case Brown v. Topeka Board of Education. 

I gave ASU a week to handle the matter, impose discipline and suspend or expel the openly racist students.   Instead, ASU did nothing. Because ASU condones racism and segregation, I will be contacting state legislators to review the ASU budget and I will look at federal funding as well. No tax money should be spent at any school that promotes, condones and accepts racism like this. I like our Arizona universities.  But all students, of all races, need to be safe, and welcomed, and racists should be expelled.

The Free Press, U.S. Rep. Gosar Defends Arizona State Students Harassed for Being White



Gosar Votes Against Suspending the Debt Ceiling


This week, I voted against suspending the debt limit. What is the debt limit, or debt ceiling, you may ask?  Well, in a nutshell, the debt limit is the maximum amount of money that the federal government can borrow.  The debt limit was first established in 1917.  Since the government spends money like a drunken sailor, it runs an annual deficit. Only Congress has the power to raise debt ceiling.

I don’t believe Congress should hike the debt ceiling without first making spending cuts to get our fiscal house in order. Instead, Democrats continue along their crash course to spend trillions upon trillions of dollars.  They have no plan to cut wasteful spending.  Indeed, their plan is to dramatically increase wasteful spending. Their out-of-control spending is unsustainable. We are already feeling the impact of record high inflation on everyday goods and services. Every American balances their checkbook and lives within their means.  But not Congress. Simply issuing new debt to pay for existing debt is nonsensical. High level of debt stifles economic opportunity and prosperity, making it hard for most Americans to live their version of the American Dream. I cannot support this irresponsible policy.

The government also came precariously close to shutting down this week thanks to Democrats having used their time in the majority to not get anything done for the past 10 months. As Americans braced for the worst, I cosponsored the Armed Services Always Paid (ASAP) Act to ensure the members of our Armed Forces continued to be paid in the event of a government shutdown.


Gosar Defends the Precious Life of the Unborn


This week, House Democrats held a hearing in the House Oversight and Reform Committee to further normalize the murder of innocent babies and advance their assault on the life of the unborn. I used my time to have an incredible conversation with Dr. Ingrid Skop, an OB/GYN from Texas who has dedicated her life to assisting women through pregnancy to the birth of their child. We discussed the harm of abortions, including chemical abortions, on the health of women and the failure of abortion providers to ethically conduct patient centered health care as intended.


Watch my conversation with Dr. Skop here.


I also wanted to share a very heartfelt statement from my friend and colleague, Rep.  Clay Higgins, who presented his view on abortion based on his Christian convictions, in a very compelling statement. Click below to watch.



Democrats Can’t Manage a Two-Car Funeral Procession


This week, Mr. Biden and Democrats in Congress showed the American people just how messed-up they are. Nancy Pelosi promised a vote on the disastrous $1.2 trillion “infrastructure bill” on Monday. But she didn’t have the votes to pass it. So, she moved the vote to Thursday, promising it would pass. Yet again, she didn’t have the necessary votes. So, she moved the vote to Friday, again proclaiming she had the votes for it to pass. Guess what? She didn’t. So, she pulled the vote down once again after Joe Biden himself asked Democrats not to vote for it!!! How whacked is that? Mr. Biden personally met with Democrat members of Congress and asked them to not vote for a bill he SUPPORTS. Let that marinate for a while. In all my time in Congress, I don’t recall a sitting President, facing an intraparty civil war, lobbying against a popular measure of his own making.

So, Nancy Pelosi kept congress trapped in Washington, DC so she could continue twisting the arms of members of her party to force them to vote for this atrocious bill.  This a real mess for Democrats and it’s all of their own making. The fact is, Joe Biden and the Democrats’ agenda is so bad that they can’t even find the votes from members of congress in their own party, let alone agree on the policy. The Democrats couldn’t organize a two-car funeral procession.

Less than 10% of the “Infrastructure Bill” is for Infrastructure: I’ll be honest, as embarrassing as the Democrats are acting, I’m happy that Nancy didn’t have the votes.  I’m not going to vote for it if it ever comes to the House floor, and here’s why: this infrastructure legislation will add $400 billion to the deficit. Yet, less than 10% of the total price tag will go towards roads, bridges, and major projects that the American people generally consider “infrastructure.”


Taxpayer Paid Tuition for College for Illegal Alien Criminals Only


As many families struggle to pay for college for their children, the Democrats have a plan to use taxpayer money for college tuition …. But only for illegal aliens. Not only do you have to pay for your child’s education, and pay taxes, the Democrats want to give your money to illegal aliens.  This is more clown world from the America Last democrats.

It’s also just a prerequisite for another $4.3 trillion spent on a reconciliation bill that Mr. Biden and Democrats are hell-bent on ramming through congress that includes trillions spent on new and expanded government programs, amnesty and free college for illegal immigrants and an invasive provision requiring all banking transactions over $600 to be reported and monitored by the Internal Revenue Service.  So now Mr. Biden wants direct access to your bank transactions! What the what?  Side note: watch out, they’re coming for your guns next…


It’s all part of Biden’s socialist agenda.



Other Highlights From This Week


Mr. Biden is using a deeply flawed “over the horizon” strategy in Afghanistan which undermines the needs of our citizens and soldiers on the ground. This strategy even resulted in a U.S. drone strike that killed at least 10 innocent civilians, which the Administration lied about for weeks. In response, I joined my Republican colleagues on the House Oversight and Reform Committee requesting briefings from the Administration on this failed strategy as well as the deadly drone strike it conducted.

COVID-19 vaccine mandates are unconstitutional and assault on liberty and the right to make private medical decisions. Yet, the Biden administration continues to try and force them on the American people. I cosponsored the Freedom from Mandates Act to nullify Mr. Biden’s executive order mandating COVID-19 vaccines.


Watch a "Gosar Minute" on Vaccine Mandates below.



Nuclear Energy Is the Only Reliable Energy for the Future


Did you catch the new Gosar Minute? Shame on you, you can watch it by clicking below if you didn’t. 


Gosar Minute: Biden's Border Crisis



Trivia:  Why is Hope, Arizona called Hope? 


Answer: The founders had hoped that some businesses would locate there and the town could grow. That did not really happen, so it is now just a gas station, church and RV park.



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