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Representtive Joseph Chaplik April 03, 2021 146


Big Idea

  • Businesses should be allowed to determine whether or not those on their premises needs a mask
  • Without a law protecting businesses, politicians could decide to control them
  • The bill did not receive any Democrat votes
  •


This bill empowers businesses to make their own decisions.


STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – The Arizona State Senate today approved HB 2770, legislation sponsored by Representative Joseph Chaplik (R-23), which empowers businesses in Arizona to decide whether or not to enforce on its premises a mask mandate that is imposed by politicians from the state, county, city/town or other jurisdiction in Arizona. 

“The need for this bill now is more evident than ever,” said Representative Chaplik.  “Recent developments show that without a protection in law, businesses and their customers are subject to the decisions of local rogue politicians who want to control you indefinitely.  This bill did not receive any Democrat votes throughout the entire process.  I would hope the Governor signs this bill as it does exactly what his temporary executive orders do, but now permanently.”  

The bill will now be transmitted to Governor Ducey.

Joseph Chaplik is a Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives serving Legislative District 23, which includes Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, and Rio Verde.

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