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Western Values Coalition can be a conduit to better conversations and decisions.

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  • Western Values Coalition endeavors to bring civility and valuable information to important issues
  • We hope to bring the true facts of important issues facing us today
  • It's time to work together with common goals and respect
  •

"My own experience is that the best outcomes are reached when opposing viewpoints are clearly and strongly presented before decisions are made."
Jerome Powell

We are honored to be asked to contribute to CopperState News from time to time as we endeavor to bring civility and valuable information to the issues important to our quad city area in hopes of finding solutions and consensus among us.

In todays world of our growing communities, varying lifestyles and politics, pressing issues and the influence of social media, it’s difficult for our citizens to learn and understand the true facts of so many important issues facing us today. Whether it be health care, education, water, public safety, growth, open space, transportation, etc., we all deserve to have the correct and accurate information to make sound decisions together for our future. We believe Western Values Coalition can be that conduit to better conversations and decisions.

When forming the organization last summer, we sampled the level of interest with the subject of the improvements to the Prescott Rodeo grounds because of the timeliness and importance of the issue. After two tele-town halls listening and presenting residents’ concerns, questions and providing answers, the endeavor was a success as evidenced by over 8,000 calls participating in the tele-town hall meetings. This sample testing was a clear indication our citizens want to be involved, understand the issues and be a part of the solution. The public is not served by hidden agendas and withholding information which affect our financial futures and quality of life. The public is not served when we are too busy yelling and using names to label the opposition.

It’s time for us to work together with common goals of respect in search of information, answers and hopefully reaching consensus. We would love to have you be a part of this endeavor. There are no easy answers. Times change, information changes, new citizens have new ideas, and sometimes things just happen out of our control. But the goal is to find a direction and move the ball forward down the field which is in the best interest of all.



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Last modified on Friday, 16 February 2024 15:08
Published in Prescott.news
Karen Fann

Karen has served 2 terms as Arizona Senate President, 3 terms in the Az. State Senate and 3 terms in Az. House of Representatives.  In addition to statewide offices, she served 3 terms as the Mayor of Chino Valley and 1 term on Prescott City Council, including Mayor Pro Temp.

Karen is a retired business owner of a highway construction company, Az Highway Safety Specialists, Inc. and an equine facility, The Fann-M Ranch.

The Fann family moved to Prescott in 1958 which now represents 4 generations of our quad-city history.