Meet the Council Finalist: Clark Tenney Featured

Meet Clark Tenney


Big Idea:

  • Out of 24 applicants, five were chosen as finalists to fill the vacant seat on the Prescott City Council
  • Clark Tenney is one of the finalists
  • He is the Assistant Principal at Prescott High School, before that the Principal at Abia Judd Elementary
  • He has been very active in local organizations
  •


Five Finalists, including Clark Tenney, are vying for the Council seat vacated by Councilwoman Billie Orr.


We will be providing you with the information from the candidate applications - one per day for the rest of the week. 


Although asked, none of the finalists have been convicted or under indictment of any felonies or class 1 misdemeanor offenses, so we did not include their answers on that section. If they added a resumé or note at the end, we have included that, too. 


The finalists will be interviewed publicly in a special Council meeting on February 16.

Name: Roger Clark Tenney



Have you been a registered voter in the city of Prescott for at least one year? 



How long have you resided in Prescott? 

Over 30 years


Briefly state your reasons and desire for wanting to serve on the City Council. Please include special interests, abilities, skills or contacts that could benefit the City Council: 

In my 30+ years as a citizen of Prescott, I have benefitted from far-sighted leadership from our various mayors and city council members. I can add a moderate conservative voice to the current council, unfettered by a narrow interest group constituency or baggage from a career in politics. As a long-time resident who has both grown up in Prescott and raised my own family of 5 children here, I can add a unique point of view regarding Prescott’s recent history and growth, as well as its livability for a young family demographic that can add balance and vitality to a city that welcomes all ages. My professional experience as both a teacher of US and Arizona Government and History and as an administrator has taught me to listen, to research and consider a variety of viewpoints, to be a collaborator and to serve our community. I believe that my relationships with our local state legislators as well as local professionals and hundreds local youth and their families will be beneficial to Prescott as the city council does its best to represent community interests in our city, and Prescott area interests on the state level.


What civic and/or professional organizations are you presently involved with?

I am a member of the Arizona School Administrator’s Association, the National Association of Secondary Schools Principals, and the Prescott Education Advocacy Council. I participate actively in my local Prescott congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am also a member of the Brigham Young University and Northern Arizona University Alumni Associations, the BYU Management Society, the Republican Party and the US Fulbright Scholar Alumni Association.


List your previous experience on a city/town council or advisory group/board/commission/committee in Prescott or elsewhere: 

I have led leadership councils for many years as the Principal of Abia Judd Elementary School and as the Assistant Principal of Prescott High School. I have also led and participated in leadership boards and committees for many years locally as a leader in our local church congregation, as a participant in Arizona Town Hall, and as the leader of large-scale community fundraising events in Prescott and elsewhere.


Describe your understanding of the function and purpose of the City Council:

Prescott’s City Council represents the interests of the citizens of Prescott in dealing with present issues, with an eye to the future of Prescott. The council works together under the leadership of the mayor and with the advice of the city manager and city attorney to develop a deep understanding of issues impacting Prescott and its citizens. Council members employs this understanding to represent Prescottonians as they respond to citizen concerns, allocate resources toward city priorities, and approve or alter necessary city ordinances and preprograms for the benefit of Prescot’s citizens.


State your understanding of the City Budget and the Budget process: 

The city manager works with city department heads to determine the requisite level of ongoing and other necessary expenses for the upcoming fiscal year, including facilities, programs, maintenance and personnel costs. These proposed estimated costs are presented to the city council. The council conducts a public hearing of the budget, calling for taxpayer input regarding proposed estimated expenditures and taxation related to proposed expenditures. After necessary research and deliberation, the city council votes to adopt or to request amendment to the proposed budget.


What is your vision for the City of Prescott over the next 10 years?

I will be forever grateful that when my family chose to move to Prescott in 1983 that we found a beautiful, welcoming community that has become my hometown. Over these next 10 years, I envision a Prescott well-known for welcoming a variety of viewpoints, that skillfully manages intelligent, water-wise growth. I envision a family friendly Prescott with a robust technology-based job market, and with world-class recreational amenities and open spaces like Granite Dells. I envision Prescott with excellent medical care and facilities, with an active airport and with excellent community schools and colleges. I envision Prescott with well-maintained streets and parks, and with public-private partnerships that enhance the quality of life for all citizens.

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