Opinion: Zipperman Campaign Responds to Campbell's Withdrawal from LD-1 Senate Race Featured

Zipperman Campaign responds to Noel Campbell’s withdraw from the Senate race for Yavapai County LD-1

Big Idea

  • Noel Campbell withdrew from the LD1 Senate race on Sunday
  • He cited attacks against personal matters and family issues
  • Campbell said it is time he put his wife first
  • The Zipperman campaign wishes the Campbells the best
  •


The Zipperman campaign offers the Campbells best wishes

On behalf of the Zipperman Campaign, all of us wish Noel Campbell and his wife Maty Beth the very best as they go through this most difficult time. Most people cannot imagine how challenging it is to be on the campaign trail, with its’ long hours, constant travel, meetings, speaking engagements, debates, and financial burdens. Unfortunately, when personal matters and family issues are brought into a campaign then it is certain to weigh heavily on a campaign with undue emotional stress. No campaign should be put through that. 

According to Noel Campbell: 

“Dear Friends and Supporters, It is with a heavy heart that I am withdrawing from the race for Arizona Senate LD-1.  We as a Nation have been through so much over the past two years.  And many of you know the tragedy my wife and I had to endure.  I thought we had healed enough and were ready to take on the many problems our state and nation face today.  Unfortunately, the campaign we want to run is not the campaign that is continuously being forced upon us.  A race about important issues would be positive and strengthening.  But a race where we are under daily attacks and smears puts a very heavy weight on us.  I will not put Mary Beth through this any longer”.

We at the Zipperman campaign agree that smear tactics are unacceptable and have, from day one, insisted we will run a high integrity campaign based on the issues, “We the People” of Arizona are faced with daily: Election Integrity, Border Security, CRT/SEL in our schools, Parents Rights and so much more. I am proud to state our campaign has never strayed from this position of high integrity and so long as I am campaign manager, we never will.  

Many of us have suffered family loss and we understand grief.  Mr. Campbell, thank you again for your service to our great nation and all of us from the Zipperman campaign, are wishing you and Mary Beth our most sincere wishes and God’s speed on you journey of healing. 


About Steve Zipperman

  •  Steve Zipperman is an American patriot first and foremost. He believes our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are the reason for America’s success and freedom. This belief has driven him to serve his country from a young age.
  •  At age seventeen, Steve enlisted in the U.S. Army and patched up our Vietnam War heroes at Walter Reed Medical Center. After three years of improving and comforting the lives of our wounded warriors, Steve began a career in business and law.
  •  He obtained his Real Estate Broker’s license in 1983, and then Mr. Zipperman owned and operated a successful real estate office for several years. Steve knows firsthand that getting the government out of the way is the key to everyone’s prosperity. 
  •  Steve practiced law for 28 years after putting himself through law school. He ran his own law firm, negotiated the resolution of hundreds of cases, and gained invaluable experience in all aspects of real estate and business law. He will use this experience to craft laws to keep Arizona free!
  •  Steve and his capable wife, Sharon, currently volunteer their time teaching “Constitution 101,” based on Hillsdale College’s Curriculum, to hundreds of citizens within the community. He also proudly served as First Vice-Chair to the Republican Party of Yavapai County. 
  •  This campaign is not about Steve it’s about our country. It’s about citizens like you. For too long, Democrats have crafted un-American policies and regulations. It’s time for real American Patriots to take the lead. Arizona’s 1st Senate District needs capable, freedom-loving constitutionalists like Steve Zipperman providing leadership in our government. 



“I have had enough of the dictatorial left. My candidacy is a movement to lead Arizona on a return to the principles, values, and beliefs that made America strong. Enough is enough. I ask for your vote on August 2, 2022.”

For more information about Steve Zipperman and his positions, please visit the website: votezipperman.com.


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