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Social Security has a new statement design.

Big Idea

  • Adults that do not receive benefits get a statement
  • This gives estimates of future Social Security benefits, based on your earnings record
  • The redesigned Statement is streamlined and written in plain language to make it easier to read, use and understand
  • You can find your new statement on your MySocialSecurity account page.
  •

New statement design - written to be easily understood

We have exciting news to share: we’ve redesigned your Social Security Statement (Statement) to make it easier to find the information you need. 

Who gets a Statement?  

You will get a Statement if you are an adult who does not receive benefits.  Your unique Statement gives estimates of future Social Security benefits that you and your family may receive each month along with a basic overview of the Social Security program.  It also provides a record of your earnings history and other valuable information.  Your future benefits are based on your earnings record, so it’s important to tell us when you see an error, so you can get it corrected and ensure you get all the benefits you earned.  Your Statement explains how to report an error. 

What’s New in the Statement?

The redesigned Statement is streamlined and written in plain language to make it easy to read, use, and understand.  We’ve divided the information into sections, like different types of benefits, so you can easily find what you need.  The new Statement provides a bar chart with your personalized retirement benefit estimates for up to nine different ages, depending on when you may want your benefits to start.  This key information can help you make educated decisions about your financial future.

Fact sheets tailored to your age group and earnings situation accompany your online Statement.  The fact sheets can help you better understand Social Security programs, benefits, and how they fit your situation.  For example, for younger workers, we provide more information about how you can save for your future; for older workers, we explain how benefits may be taxed and how to avoid a Medicare penalty.  We include links in the fact sheets for easier reference and additional information.

Our Social Security Statement web page at www.ssa.gov/myaccount/statement has samples of the Statement, as well as copies of the new fact sheets (in English and Spanish).  Please share these resources with your friends and family.

Get Your Personalized Statement Online Today

The best way to access your new Statement is by using your personal my Social Security account.  If you don’t have an account, be sure to create one today.  Your account also lets you access other services online, such as requesting a replacement Social Security card and getting a letter proving you do not receive Social Security benefits.

Get started by signing in to or creating your my Social Security account today at www.ssa.gov/myaccount!

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