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Andy McKinney November 26, 2021 110

The House of Gucci.Is it really worth killing for?


Big Idea

  • It’s a film that movie fans will either adore or ignore.
  • They have an enormously talented cast and director.
  • Director Ridley Scott, Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Jarad Leto, Salma Hayek…
  • Two hours and thirty-seven minutes, R rating, talent and scandal.
  •


House of Gucci: A true-life murder/drama.


This is one of those films that we, as movie fans, will either adore or ignore. We might well adore “House of Gucci” for its enormously talented cast and director. Let's see the players and director.

Director Ridley Scott, a director who has been at his business for over fifty years now has charge of the movie. We know him from dozens of films in all genres from “Gladiator” to “Thelma and Louise.” He has four Oscar nominations.


For his leading lady here he has chosen Lady Gaga. Gaga, known for her flamboyant music career, has accumulated an Oscar and a further two nominations. She wowed us in “A Star is Born” and here clearly has the most powerful portrayal. She plays a scheming murderess.

She is backed up by Adam Driver (two Oscar nominations) and Al Pacino (one Oscar but eight more nominations. Pacino and Gaga have exactly the same number of Oscar wins, which I find amazing but don't know what to make of that fact. Jeremy Irons also has a single Oscar win as does Jarad Leto. Salma Hayek has a single nomination, so far.

For some time the absurdly named Lady Gaga (what were her parents thinking?) has been at the top of the music world. Lately, she has become a movie star. Now we can say that she has entered the ranks of the most accomplished actresses of the day. I might say something similar about Adam Driver if we leave out the music stuff. He is focused and disciplined here in a great bit of acting. Jarad Leto turns in a fine effort that comes up to but does not enter into parody.

We also have enough directorial flourish to remind us of the genius of Ridley Scott.

“House of Gucci” runs for a long, long two hours and 37 minutes, so stock up on snacks. It carries a hard R for Italian decadence, murder, and language. Please note the ratings and bring the children to child safe films. The producers bet $75 million that a famous cast will bring moviegoers to see a true-life murder/drama. I think the talent and the scandal will attract fans to this well-acted, well-directed but indifferently paced four sawblade film of high fashion and drama.

Fun fact: In 2012 Lady Gaga appeared in “Men in Black 3” as an extra, an alien watching a TV monitor. I think she likes being in the flickers.


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