Prescott Film Festival Brings Back the 1979 Film, The Greatest Adventure Featured

Lewis LaMaster October 16, 2021 78

It was a great night for remembering the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Big Idea

  • The Prescott Film Festival showed the 1979 film, The Greatest Adventure, the Story of Man’s Voyage to the Moon
  • The film was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Moon Landing
  • The Greatest Adventure also shows the historical training and preparation for the Moon Landing
  • The Film Festival will continue throughout the weekend.
  •

The Greatest Adventure, The Story of Man’s Voyage to the Moon is a terrific reminder of one of America’s greatest accomplishments

The Prescott Film Festival opened this week with an out of this world selection. Starting with a short feature about Long Islands contribution to the LEM, and the Grumman engineers, employees, and associates who came together to build the Lunar Excursion Module. Followed by an animated short about a raucous mouse landing, on the Moon. 

The main feature is the rare, "The Greatest Adventure," which tells the story of Man's Voyage to the Moon. The film uses spectacular NASA footage selected by co-producers Rick Frimmer and William Moses, in addition to music created specifically for this project. With stories from the well known, and including those who worked behind the scenes. From the challenge of President Kennedy to take on a momentous objective, to the Mercury Astronauts, fighter pilots, and test pilots with the right stuff. Continuing with interviews of Alan Shepard and Tom Wolfe, we see the nation thrill as John Glenn orbits the Earth, only to face America’s first near mishap. The joy of Glenn's safe splash down, and the sadness of loss at the President who had set the nations eyes on a lunar landing are both remembered.

The loss of three Astronauts on the ground during a pre-flight test, only underscores the danger of space flight. As the Apollo program proceeds and then the Saturn V rockets roar, Apollo 11 lifts the surly bonds of earth. Coming around the dark side of the Moon, the world starts waiting for the Eagle Landing Craft to land at Tranquility base. When pilot Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon 42 years ago, it was followed by successful moon missions. Including my favorite, the Lunar Rover. And one successful failure, the nail biting Apollo 13.       

Unfortunately you can’t buy this great show, because nobody knows who holds the copyright. Narrated by Orson Wells, the whole project was made for the tenth anniversary of the Moon landing. The showing of the film was followed by an insightful post-film discussion with the films co-Executive producer Rick Frimmer, is currently a Program Director at Yavapai College.  


Playing Tonight: 

4 PM Cowboys without Borders

7 PM Rickshaw Girl

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