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Republican Women of Prescott July 08, 2021 483

The Republican Women of Prescott offer voting advice

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  • It is our goal to communicate with our members
  • Why we support each of our Republican candidates
  • Types of candidates running for office
  • Your responsibility as a voter
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You have a responsibility as a voter.

Recently, the following letter was sent to well over 1000 members of the Republican Women of Prescott.  As proud members of this almost 80 year old organization, we thought it would be of benefit to all voters to hear this timely and relevant message, a reminder to be an informed and educated voter.  Therefore, we are sharing it with Copper State News...because we know it is a trusted, fair and informative on-line news site.  


Hello Valued RWOP Members, June 28, 2021

The RWOP Mission Statement is:

The Republican Women of Prescott is dedicated to promoting the principles of the Republican Party, through an informed electorate, by educating and empowering its members and by electing Republicans to local, state and national offices.

As the Executive Board, and your elected officers of the Republican Women of Prescott, we share an inherent responsibility to our members to ensure our political stance for our local elections is clear, factual and informative.  We do this in many formats which include, but are not limited to:

  •  Hosting state level candidates to speak at our luncheons
  •  Conducting a debate for the Mayoral and City Council elections
  •  Offering a Speed Campaign at our Las Fuentes Forum
  •  Providing the names of the candidates, their bios, and their website links in a monthly newsletter and on our RWOP.info website
  •  Inviting Republican candidates to petition for signatures of support in our RWOP mall prior to and following each luncheon
  •  Providing opportunity for one-on-one informal communication with candidates
  •  Hosting informative forums on crucial issues of importance that educate members on these issues paramount to each election 
  •  Organizing a team to register qualified voters in the Quad Cities area

As volunteers, it is no simple task to coordinate all these forms of communication, however, it is important and in compliance with our Mission Statement to help our members become informed voters and to assure parity, to the best of our ability, among all Republican candidates.

Please be aware, in this contentious political atmosphere we all face today, so much is not revealed about each candidate unless you take the initiative to dig deeper and pay close attention to who they are affiliated with and what is the political stance of those, especially non-conservative, affiliations.  RWOP is governed by specific Bylaws that require us as a Federated club to support all Republican candidates equally in the primary election (August 3rd) and also applies to the General Election (November 2nd) when there are Republican Candidates running against one another.  You may have noticed that we did not invite Mr. Brandon Montoya to speak at RWOP’s City Council Debate that is because he is an Independent and we can only promote Republicans on our podium (Bylaw: Article II, Section 1E in your directory).  RWOP is a partisan group and will only support Republicans even though a race may be non-partisan. 

In following our Bylaws and our Federation, we support and treat all Republican candidates the same.  Beyond that, it is your responsibility to be an informed voter.  You must further distinguish between candidates by researching their individual platforms, deciding how a candidate’s values align with yours, will they be a positive or a negative force and how will they shape Prescott in the next few years.

It is possible that candidates can say all the right things.  They can print all the right things too.  But when you look at their affiliations, it is very telling where they stand and how they will represent you as a Republican voter.  So we strongly encourage all of our members to look deeper into a candidate’s personal record, affiliations, their historical understanding of the city and the area, then ask yourself is it even possible that they can do what they say they can do.  

Prescott is a great city!  Many of us have chosen it as our Hometown.  It is certainly worth spending the time to thoroughly vet the candidates currently running for office.  Which ones will keep Prescott, Prescott?  We all want it to remain the place we love and a place we can be proud to call home.  

There are two types of candidates running for office.  Those that run against current policies and projects and the others running to defend what is in place and planned for our future.  You as voters must analyze each type to determine which is best for Prescott. You might ask yourself, who has a positive outlook as well as the drive to move our city forward in a productive and sensible way?  Or who might be saying they can take our city into the future when in fact they cannot!  Who might be saying what people want to hear to just win an election and doing whatever it takes to win?  It should be everyone’s priority to know these answers and vote accordingly.

The main issues that will affect our community the most are:

  •  Growth...we know growth is a given.  Who has the knowledge and ability to understand how to plan for and manage it?   
  •  Water...there are several schools of thought on our water situation.  We suggest that between the far fringe on one side and the far fringe on the other side, there is a middle reality.  Look into both sides and determine where you feel we really land.  
  •  Congestion is another hot issue.  Take the time to understand how big the problem of congestion really is now and just what is required as we move into the future.  Who has solutions that they can enact as an elected official which will prove to be the best for Prescott.  Keeping in mind, they only have influence in the City of Prescott, not in the county or state.
  •  Keeping Prescott safe and vibrant is another important issue...which candidate has the best grasp on safety and how to ensure we are all protected and secure.  Safety on our streets and in our downtown promotes vibrancy.  A vibrant city is prosperous and successful.  We have seen so many of our nation’s cities become boarded up and listless...this cannot be the fate of Prescott!

There are many more issues but these are key and you will have others of your own.  Again, we encourage you to ‘dig deep’ to see what people are saying they can do and what they really can do.  There is a sentiment that states...There are ‘campaign promises’ and then there is reality...sadly, many times these two are light years apart.

You have joined this Republican Women’s organization because you are a Republican that upholds American values and stands up for our rights and freedoms. Among those rights is the liberty to think and act on your own, make intelligent decisions based on your beliefs and actual facts and you dig deep to learn and understand the truth. You are an intelligent, thinking, caring, proud Republican and you are empowered through your party and personal beliefs. Choose your candidates wisely by assessing their integrity, sincerity, experience, voting records and what is important to them.  The future of Prescott is at stake.  Thank you for your time, attention and support. 


Republican Women of Prescott (RWOP) is the largest Federated Women’s Republican Club in Arizona. It was founded in 1942, 79 years ago. 



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