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Seeds, dahlia digging/dividing planting bulbs.

Big Idea

  • The last seeds are in the ground for 2020
  • We are planting bulbs
  • Taking down trellises
  • Thanksgiving veggie boxes are being offered
  •

Thanksgiving boxes on sale this week

It's been a week!  Lots of highs and lows and big feelings.  Also lots of work - ok, nothing new there.  We have planted the last seeds in the ground for 2020 and are continuing on with dahlia digging/dividing, planting bulbs, and lots and lots of field clean up.  We are taking down trellises, pulling t-posts and hoops, rolling up row cover and mulch and taking care of all the neglected tasks that pile up during the busy season. It feels good to get things done.  And we need to get our blood pumping on these cold mornings.  Plenty of photos below to illustrate it all. 

We will be offering Thanksgiving veggie boxes.  Kind if like an extra generous CSA box with lots of goodies for a great family dinner.  They will go on sale on our website this coming week (I will send an additional email when they are live) for pick-up on Tuesday Nov. 24th.  Questions? Feel free to shoot me an email. 

With love from your farmers,
Shanti & the Whipstone Crew

Planting the last seeds of 2020. Carrots, beets, spinach, mâche, mesclun mix...

Lots of dahlia digging glam shots (I mean, we do spend an awful lot of our time
doing this throughout November). dig, wash, divide, pack up, load into the cooler.
oh, and label them, the most important part, label them at least 3 times each.

Spinach is back for the winter and oh so sweet - thank you frosty nights.

Pretty much the last of the fresh peppers making a beautiful display at last weekend’s market. 

It's time to smoke and dry all the peppers we rescued pre-deep freeze.  Future hot sauce going on right here. 

the most delicious of the squash imho

we soaked, pre-sprouted and planted into trays, 32 varieties of sweet peas this week.
they will grow on for 6 weeks or more in a nice cool greenhouse before getting planted
out into an even colder high tunnel. I love that this delicate flower
is such a bad ass when it comes to cold tolerance. 

flowers for Christmas, coming right up

shopping for plants with friends = me in my happy place



spring salad mix
head lettuce
chicory mix
red radishes
daikon radish
watermelon radish
salad turnips
bok choy
carrots - orange, bunched
winter squash: spaghetti, delicata, butternut, acorn
ornamental pumpkins
potatoes - fingerlings and purples
sweet potatoes
onions - yellow and red
Herbs: rosemary, thyme, sage, cilantro, and dill






PRESCOTT FARMERS MARKET (summer hours)  - Saturdays 7:30-noon.   YRMC Miller Valley Lot, 900 Iron Springs Rd.

FLAGSTAFF COMMUNITY MARKET - we are not currently attending this market in 2020, hope to be back next year. 

FARM STAND - Open everyday sunup to sundown, self serve, honor system directions HERE

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Shanti Rade

Shanti Rade writes for Whipstone Farm, where they grow produce and flowers in Paulden, AZ. Whipstone Farm frequents nearby Farmers Markets in Prescott, Chino Valley and Flagstaff.


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