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Congress returns to Washington, DC after the August district work period.

Big Idea

  • Representative Gosar was able to spend time in his district during the August district work period.
  • Gosar Delivered Meals on Wheels in Prescott
  • Gosar introduced a resolution requiring Body Cams for the House of Representatives leadership 
  • Gosar calls for investigation of General Milley
  •


Congress faces deadlines as they return to Washington, DC


PRESCOTT, AZ - After the long August district work period, the House of Representatives returns to Washington, DC this week. Congress faces several important deadlines in September including funding the federal government and the annual defense policy legislation.  In the meantime, here is a recap of our top stories


Chino Valley Pays Tribute to 9-11 Victims

This past weekend, I was invited by Beth Vicory to attend an observance in Chino Valley to honor the memory of the victims on the twentieth anniversary of the brutal Islamic attacks on September 11, 2001. Beth raised over $1,000 to have the 9-11 monument installed in Chino Valley.  It is made from a piece of the I-beam steel from one of the World Trade Center towers.  I very much appreciated the opportunity to meet Beth and her family.


Gosar Joins Meals on Wheels to Deliver Meals to Constituents

Also this week, I joined the good folks from Prescott Meals on Wheels and had a great time helping deliver meals to constituents. Prescott Meals on Wheels provides nutritional meals to the elderly and disabled on a daily basis enabling them to live independently with safety and dignity in the Prescott and Prescott Valley areas. Thank you to Meals on Wheels Executive Director, Bert Ijams and the entire team at Meals on Wheels. We appreciate the important service you provide our community!


Body Cameras: If They Are Good Enough for Cops, They Should be Good Enough for Congress!

This week I introduced a resolution creating a pilot program to require the leadership of the House of Representatives to wear body cameras and share the recorded footage with the public and it received a lot of positive attention.  

Sadly, Congress no longer operates in an open process and many bills are written behind closed doors in Nancy Pelosi’s office. This lack of transparency in Congress is driving public trust in government to near-historic lows. Less secrecy from our leaders is a good place to start.  

Today, body-worn cameras are already used by police officers and in many schools across America.  If cops and schools have cameras, so should members of Congress. People want to know what is really going on.  I aim to let them see.

Click here to read a recent article that further discusses my legislation. You can also click here to read a copy of my press release.    


Gosar Calls for Investigation Concerning General Milley’s Secret Calls to China


Milley and Trump during Trump's inauguration parade on January 20, 2017, Public Domain.

Reports this week that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, held two private phone calls with his counterpart in the People’s Liberation Army of the Chinese Communist Party in October 2020 and January 2021 are deeply troubling and raise very serious national security concerns.  During these calls, General Milley gave assurances that he would utilize secret back channels to alert his Chinese officials about President Trump’s military strategy towards China. 

If true, General Milley engaged in reckless conduct to obstruct the Commander in Chief’s ability to fully utilize his military authority and his actions were at best insubordinate, and at worst treasonous. 

A full investigation of these reports is required, which is why this week I joined my Republican colleagues on the House Oversight and Reform Committee and sent a letter to the Secretary of Defense demanding he provide transcripts, attendees, and notes of these calls so we can assess the validity of these disconcerting reports. 


To read a copy of the letter, click here.


#Are You a Game Changer?

Once again, we are excited to be starting up the Gosar Game Changer. This is to recognize exceptional businesses in our district that help promote our community. This week, we presented a Gosar Game Changer certificate to the Payson Senior Center. These ladies were so excited to be recognized. If you want to nominate a business leader in our community that is worthy of the prestigious Gosar Game Changer certificate, please click here. Or you can call my district office in Prescott at 928-445-1683.


#Gosar Weighs in on National Defense Policy

Next week, the House will consider the National Defense Authorization Act. Passed for 60 years straight, it authorizes our national defense policies for the Congress to fund. As Congress debates the important annual must-pass legislation, I offered the following amendments:


  • Downwinders Parity: Expands the Downwinders compensation program to include all of Mohave County and extends the Radiation Exposure Compensation Trust Fund for five additional years.
  • Congressional War Powers Restoration: Strips the President of unconstitutional war making authorities and restores them in the Congress, as Article I mandates. 
  • Afghanistan War Records Collection: Requires the expeditious disclosure of all records related to the war in Afghanistan to the public.
  • Stopping Terrorist Minerals Trade: Prohibits minerals or products made with minerals from Afghanistan from being imported into the United States. 
  • Closing Portugal Immigration Loophole: Strikes provision making Portugal eligible for visas due to its easily exploitable golden visa scheme that could allow Chinese Communist Party officials to enter the U.S. as “Portuguese” citizens.
  • Border Wall: Authorizes the Army Corps of Engineers to construct a wall on the southern international border with Mexico.
  • Military Industrial Complex Investigation: Requires the Comptroller General to report on how the merging of major defense contractors has impacted defense spending. 
  • Separation of Powers Restoration: Repeals unconstitutional Presidential war and emergency powers, restricting executive action to Article II and giving the People standing to sue an overbearing executive infringing on their liberties.
  • General Milley Investigation: Required the Department of Defense investigate reports that General Milley held private phone calls with his counterpart in the People’s Liberation Army of the Chinese Communist Party in October 2020 and January 2021 and refer the findings of the Department of Justice if there is criminal wrongdoing.



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