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Representative Paul Gosar April 18, 2022 557

House Committee on Oversight and Reform’s Inspection and Border Trip

Big Idea

  • Gosar and the House Committee on Oversight and Reform inspected and toured the border
  • Is camp over 2.5 million illegal aliens to prance into our country?
  • Foreign nationals came from: from Haiti, Uzbekistan, Guatemala and Portugal
  • All paid cartels to get here
  •


8Aliens came from all over

Earlier this week I joined the House Committee on Oversight and Reform on an inspection trip to our under-siege southern border, from California to Yuma.   I joined Ranking Member James Comer (R-KY), Representatives Yvette Herrell (R-N.M.), Glenn Grothman (R-WI), Pete Sessions (R-TX), and Byron Donalds (R-FL) and staff for the House Committee border trip.

We journeyed from San Diego, California, to Yuma, Arizona, to examine how President Biden has opened our borders and allowed over 2.5 million illegal aliens to prance into our country.  The magnitude of this disaster cannot be overstated.   Our country is under attack.  These lawbreakers bring drugs including fentanyl, which cause 105,000 deaths in 2021. They traffic children and women for prostitution.  They take jobs and keep wages low for Americans.  There is nothing humane or decent about opening our borders.   No other nation in the world does this because it is insane. 

I joined my colleagues to tour ports of entry, Customs and Border Patrol detention facilities, and President Trump’s American unfinished border wall. We also spoke to local officials like Supervisor Jonathan Lines about the severe social problems resulting from Biden’s open borders policy. 

In two days, we ran into foreign nationals from countries from Haiti, Uzbekistan, Guatemala and Portugal. None of the illegal aliens are fleeing government persecution in their homeland.  None. These are all economic opportunists taking advantage of our good nature   All paid drug cartels to get here.  They arrive clean, with new cell phones and are well fed.   They are part of an international trafficking conspiracy.  Many are muling drugs.  All illegal aliens need to be deported. I commend Texas Governor Abbot for deporting illegal aliens out of Texas to Washington, D.C.  


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