PA Delegation Tours the Audit, Says 'It Is a Model to Follow' Featured

Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano: "My impression of this right here is, this is the way you do it.”

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  • A delegation from Pennsylvania toured the Maricopa Election Forensic Audit on Wednesday
  • They spoke with members of the Arizona Legislature
  • They also received a briefing from the forensic audit team
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A delegation from the Pennsylvania legislature tours the Maricopa Election Forensic Audit

On Tuesday, June 1, it was announced that a delegation from the Pennsylvania legislature would be touring the Maricopa Election Forensic Audit taking place right now in Arizona. 

Senator Doug Mastriano from Pennsylvania posted this information on Twitter

Pennsylvania Senators Chris Dush and Doug Mastriano and Pennsylvania Representative Rob Kauffman arrived Wednesday morning to learn about the audit. They met with Arizona Senators Sonny Borrelli and Wendy Rogers, as well as Representatives Jacqueline Parker, Leo Biasiucci and Joe Chaplik. After a meeting in which they discussed election integrity, they went to the audit site for a tour.

The Pennsylvania delegation did the tour without the Arizona legislators, however, according to Senator Rogers: 

After the tour, Senator Mastriano was very impressed with what he saw and the process being used in the audit, reports the Gateway Pundit.  They heard “...details about the historic audit, and the measures taken to ensure security, transparency and accuracy," as well as the logistics of the audit procedures.

Mastriano commented, “I gotta tell you: I’m impressed. This is a model for any audit in any nation or the world.”

"The takeaway for Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation is that our elections need to be secure,” Mastriano said. "People should be able to walk into the ballot box thinking 'my vote counted, my voice was heard'. If we got nothing to hide, Let’s do this."

Watch the entire interview here: 

Senator Wendy Rogers had a long, detailed thread of 13 tweets about what happened during the tour. We have reproduced it below, but you can also read it at this link: 

Wendy Rogers Thread of Tour Comments

Tour of AZ Audit with visiting PA delegation state senators Doug Mastriano, Col US Army (ret) and Cris Dush, MSgt USAF (ret) along with PA state rep Rob Kauffman (chair of PA House Judiciary Cte).

AZ legislators:

State senators Wendy Rogers R-Flagstaff, (1/13)

Sonny Borrelli R-Havasu

State reps Leo Biasiucci R-Havasu, Joe Chaplik R-Scottsdale, Jacqueline Parker R-Mesa

Cyber Ninjas is precisely what kind of firm to be able to lead this audit?

- They are an application security company, which has allowed a quick understanding on (2/13)

how election system applications work in detail.

- Their modus operandi is to perform Threat Modeling.

- That is: They figure out ways a system can be attacked.

- How to identify a threat and protect against it.

- They find what the artifacts are in order to prove (3/13)

activity did or didn't happen.

-This was used in designing the audit scope.

Steps to the AZ Audit

1. Phase 1 - Canvassing - Currently indefinitely delayed by the AZ Senate.

    - Did you vote?

    - Does it match?

    - There have been innumerable reports of mismatch (4/13)


    - Was the voter registration history changed?

2. Phase 2 -  Physical ballots

   - Actual ballot counting: Everyone can relate to the concept of counting paper ballots.

Maricopa volunteer counters must have voted in the Nov 2020 election. No determination (5/13)

whether the counter volunteer is a Republican or a Democrat.

If a count is off by more than 1 person per 50 ballots counted, then the ballots are recounted

   - It takes approximately 8 seconds to count a ballot. There is no way to coordinate or sully this very precise (6/13)

process.  "There is no speed without accuracy."

   - Paper examination table uses digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras.

   - 0% chance of (7/13)

damaging ballots

   - Determines which oval was marked and if marked by a human.

   - Analyzes fibers of ballot material and barely-detectable yellow-dot watermarks.

   - Every last ballot should be able to be accounted for.

Bottom Line:  Opposition pushback may be (8/13)

an indication of the more questionable areas to investigate.

3. Phase 3 – Electronic Voting Systems

    - Digital capture of all voting systems provided is completed.

    - CyFIR followed industry best practices with write-block devices that prevented any hard drive (9/13)

from being changed.

    -  Analysis of the data captured is ongoing.

4. Phase 4 – Results

    -  Numbers from various phases will be compared against the certified results.

Cyber Ninjas CEO overall observations:

1. Americans must be able to trust how one's vote is cast. (10/13)

2. A judge's scope of expertise does not tend to include higher math or computer systems.

3. However, EVERY American understands how to count and for the counting to be done at the local community level.

4. We should go to paper only.

5. We should be counting at the (11/13)

precinct level.

6. We should declare voting day a national holiday, so everyone can vote and participate in the counting.

7. Even Canada's federal election is paper only.

What now could Pennsylvania (PA) do, if it wanted to pursue a comprehensive AZ-level audit?

In (12/13)

theory, the PA State Senate's "State Government Committee" can issue a subpoena on behalf of the PA State Senate to start an in-depth audit of a PA county. 

Arizona welcomes ALL states to adopt this gold-standard of a process to ensure free and fair elections for 2022. (13/13)

Other Audit News: 

  • Once more, the Gateway Pundit reports, that according to Bennett, there are only 14 out of 44 pallets remaining to audit. 
  • On Memorial Day, during a Prescott event, Senate Liaison former Secretary of State Ken Bennett took a moment to comment on the audit.
  • Representative Gosar commented on the audit, providing his support: 

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