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Nikki Rosson, MATFORCE Assistant Director April 30, 2021 385
Expired or unwanted medications can be safely disposed of during normal business hours at 14 locations throughout Yavapai County. Visit matforce.org for more details. Expired or unwanted medications can be safely disposed of during normal business hours at 14 locations throughout Yavapai County. Visit matforce.org for more details.

Record Setting Collections at Dump the Drugs Events

Big Idea

  • Dump the Drugs events have returned after COVID-19  
  • They are normally scheduled twice a year
  • 5 Local law enforcement agencies hosted take back events
  • There are 14 drop box locations
  •


If you couldn’t make last week’s Dump the Drugs day, there are 14 options throughout Yavapai County

Yavapai County, AZ – MATFORCE, a primary prevention coalition focused on stopping youth drug use before it starts, partnered with 5 local law enforcement agencies this past weekend to host medication takeback events throughout Yavapai County.

Sgt. James Tobin, with Yavapai College Police Department, hosted a takeback event at their Prescott campus. He commented, “We were excited to see Dump the Drugs come back after the spring and fall events were cancelled last year due to COVID. Given the amounts of medications collected, it is obvious that takeback events are an important resource for our communities.”

5 local law enforcement agencies hosted takeback events throughout Yavapai County, including Yavapai College Police Department, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, Chino Valley Police Department, Cottonwood Police Department, and Camp Verde Marshal's Office. A total of over 700 pounds of medications were collected at the events.

Takeback events have been a staple of Yavapai County since 2008. They are normally scheduled twice a year at 9 locations throughout the county as a convenient way for community members to dispose of expired or unwanted medications. However, out of an abundance of caution a few law enforcement agencies chose not to participate in the April event. But, with COVID-19 restrictions easing due to increased vaccinations, most agencies promised to participate in the anticipated October event.

Unable to make it to a Dump the Drugs event? There are 14 drop box locations throughout Yavapai County where medications can be disposed of during normal business hours. Locations are listed at matforce.org or see below. Please contact the law enforcement agency directly for more information.

Yavapai College Police Department Safety Officer Kari Warne separated medications from containers at the April 24th Dump the Drugs event.


Verde Valley Area

  • Cottonwood Police Dept. | 199 S. 6th Street, Cottonwood | (928) 634-4246
  • Clarkdale Police Dept. | 49 N. 9th Street, Clarkdale | (928) 649-7700
  • Yavapai College - Clarkdale Campus | 601 W. Black Hills Drive, Clarkdale | (928) 239-0172
  • Jerome Police Dept. | 305 Main Street, Jerome | (928) 634-8992
  • Sedona Police Dept. | 100 Road Runner Drive, Sedona | (928) 282-3100
  • Camp Verde Marshal’s Office | 646 S. 1st Street, Camp Verde | (928) 567-6621
  • Yavapai County Sheriff ’s Office | 2830 N. Commonwealth Drive #104, Camp Verde | (928) 567-7710
  • NAH-Camp Verde Primary Care | 1298 Finnie Flat Road, Camp Verde | (928) 639-5555

Prescott Area

  • Prescott Police Dept. | 222 S. Marina, Prescott | (928) 777-1988
  • Yavapai County Sheriff ’s Office | 255 E. Gurley Street, Prescott | (928) 771-3260
  • Yavapai College - Prescott Campus | 1100 E. Sheldon Street, Bldg. 28, Prescott | (928) 776-2185
  • Yavapai County Sheriff ’s Office | 4155 W. Outer Loop Road, Ste. B, Prescott | (928) 771-3277
  • Chino Valley Police Dept. | 1950 Voss Drive, Chino Valley | (928) 636-4223
  • Prescott Valley Police Dept. | 7601 E. Civic Circle, Prescott Valley | (928) 772-9261

Yavapai College Police Department Safety Officer Kari Warne and longtime MATFORCE volunteer Wayne Sisson helped collect over 100 pounds of medications at the April 24th Dump the Drugs event.


MATFORCE is a community organization that educates and raises awareness about substance abuse issues, and advocates for policy change throughout Yavapai County. With over 300 active volunteers, MATFORCE encompasses the belief that stopping drug use before it starts through primary prevention strategies is an essential part of building healthier communities. Programs of MATFORCE include drug prevention education in the schools, the Yavapai Reentry Project, Trauma Lens Care, public awareness and education campaigns, and advocating for policy change at the state and local level. For more information about MATFORCE visit matforce.org or our family of websites: MarijuanaHarmlessThinkAgain.org  |  OpioidOD.com  |  YavapaiReentryProject.org  |  TraumaLensCare.org  |  SACLAz.org  |  NaloxoneAZ.com   |  TalkNowAZ.com


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